Energy Revolution is just the sum of many brilliant parts. We are fortunate to have the support and partnership of some fabulous organisation and initiatives who are working together to make the festival industry more sustainable.

Energy Revolution Resources

The Energy Revolution Travel Guide – this guide reveals the impacts of event-related travel and offers you practical solutions to start reducing the impacts of travel at your events straight away.

Audience Travel Impact Tool  -available to Energy Revolution members only, this tool allows members to input audience travel information by type and find out the CO2e impacts – helping to get a clear idea of what is working year on year.

Energy Revolution for Artists and Agents – The music and live events industry has huge opportunity to make a create change, with artists’ actions inspiring others to make positive changes. This document shows how artists can join a community of change- makers by balancing their performance-related travel.

Energy Revolution for Suppliers – Find out how the Energy Revolution Suppliers Initiative can help suppliers calculate the carbon emissions from travel at events – with the option to then make a donation to ‘balance’ these emissions.

Energy Revolution for Festivals 2019 – Details about how we work with festivals to engage audiences in travelling more sustainably to events and to balance their travel when they buy a ticket.

Set-up guide for Festivals – How to set up carbon-balancing for festival audiences with options for adding donations in the ticket buying process, to vehicle passes or embedding the carbon calculator.

Useful Links

A Greener Festival – provides certification, training, expertise, and facilitate the exchange of best practice, as well as providing sustainable event certification which includes on site assessment and independent verification.

Festival Vision: 2025 – is a shared vision for a sustainable festival industry that emerged from the festival industry response to the 2015 global climate change talks in Paris. Festival Vision: 2025 invites festivals to pledge to a 50% reduction in annual GHG emissions by 2025.

Julie’s Bicycle – is a London based charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability. They provide the creative community with the skills and tools to act. Julie’s Bicycle developed the Creative IG Tools, a set of carbon calculators specifically for the creative industries that allow organisations to understand where their environmental impacts lie and to create a baseline and for continuously measuring impacts and enabling them to develop effective reduction strategies.

RAW Foundation – helps to educate, engage and empower young people to move towards sustainable consumption and production.

Drastic on Plastic – a campaign to tackle single-use plastic launched in 2018 by the Association of Independent Festivals.

Powerful Thinking – is a think-do tank which brings together festivals, suppliers and environmental organisations to explore issues, work with research partners, and share best practice and innovation on temporary energy management.