Our Renewable Energy Projects

Energy Revolution invests 100% of all balancing donations in sustainable energy initiatives to replace non-renewable forms of energy such as oil with sustainable, clean energy solutions such as wind and solar energy. In doing so, festivals, festival-goers, suppliers and artists can turn their fossil fuel travel miles into clean energy. Find out more about the projects below: 

Solar panels on school roofs with Solar for Schools

Solar for Schools

100% of balancing donations from festival-goer, supplier and artist in 2018 went to Solar for Schools a project that installs solar panels on school roofs… Read more >

Energy Revolution invests 1/3 of 2017 donations in community-owned wind turbine

Community Wind Turbine at Alvington Court 

Balancing donations from 2017 have been invested in a community owned wind turbine in the Forest of Dean. The project, Resilient Energy Alvington Court Renewables… Read more >

Ecossol & Alternative Energy Developments

Solar PV Systems & Biomass Heating 

Balancing donations from 2017 went to fund two further energy projects through Abundance Investments: Ecossol; which helps  fund the installation of solar PV systems on… Read more >

Bristol Energy Co-op

The donations to balance over a million travel miles with Energy Revolution in 2016 have now been invested with Bristol Energy Co-op (BEC), a community-owned… Read more >

Planning reforestation: the converging world

The Converging World

Funds donated in 2015, our first year of operations, were invested with charity partner The Converging World, a pioneering charity that invests in renewable energy in… Read more >

The Big Lemon Solar Bus launch

Powering Electric Buses with The Big Lemon

Big Lemon Bus Company was supported by donations from festival audiences and suppliers in 2017. Energy Revolution was lucky enough to have the chance to… Read more >

The Schools Energy Cooperative

The Schools Energy Co-operative

The Schools’ Energy Co-operative installs community funded solar panel systems on schools free of charge as well as paying all its profits to its member… Read more >