Our renewable energy projects

Energy Revolution invests donations in sustainable energy initiatives to replace non-renewable forms of energy such as oil with sustainable, clean energy solutions such as wind and solar energy. In doing so, festivals, festival-goers, suppliers and artists can turn their fossil fuel travel miles into clean energy.

Solar for Schools 

Solar panels on school roofs with Solar for Schools

100% of balancing donations from festival-goer, supplier and artist in 2018 went to Solar for Schools a project that installs solar panels on school roofs across the UK, allowing them to produce low-cost clean electricity, while also educating children about the importance of a low carbon future.

For schools the project presents a fully funded solar solution for a simple, risk-free way to benefit from solar panels. The project takes schools from initial idea through to installation and long-term management. In exchange, they offer a reduced price for the solar electricity so the school can start using clean, local renewable energy. They plan, raise funds, coordinate and oversee installation and manage the solar panel system, and provide the teachers and students with energy education resources. Find out more about the existing school projects, the solar energy generated and the impact of the education programme: www.solarforschools.co.uk

Community Wind Turbine at Alvington Court 

Energy Revolution invests 1/3 of 2017 donations in community-owned wind turbine

Balancing donations from 2017 have been invested in a community owned wind turbine in the Forest of Dean. The project, Resilient Energy Alvington Court Renewables (REACR) supplies clean electricity to the local community, helping to cut fuel poverty and avoiding the carbon-intensive burning of fossil fuels. The project also offers a fund to support local projects that are working to build community resilience, especially around reducing fuel poverty through energy efficiency and energy education.

The 500KW wind turbine in Alvington creates 1,550 MWh per year, powering 350 local homes with clean electricity and saving 731 tonnes of CO2 each year. The turbine is owned by a Community Benefit Society committed to making a positive difference locally in addition to the environmental benefits directly associated with the generation of renewable energy. REACR invest surplus from the operations of the turbine in a community fund, which supports local projects.


Solar PV Systems & Biomass Heating 

Balancing donations from 2017 went to fund two further energy projects through Abundance Investments: Ecossol; which helps  fund the installation of solar PV systems on the rooftops of homeowners wanting to go green; and Alternative Energy Developments, which provides  biomass heating systems for charity-owned outdoor adventure centres in Scotland.

Ecossol makes it affordable for homeowners in the northeast of England to install solar PV systems, which power their homes and contribute clean renewable energy to the grid. Ecossol monitors and maintains the solar systems and homeowners can use the electricity generated for free in return for the rights to the feed–in tariff payments. Homeowners can then buy their solar PV system outright as well as the rights to the tariff.

Alternative Energy Developments owns and installs biomass boilers that provide low carbon heating systems for venues, including charity-owned outdoor adventure centres in Scotland and a biomass-from-waste-wood venture in Rotherham.

Both investments were made through Abundance, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can find out more about the risks of investing through Abundance on their website. 

Bristol Energy Co-op

The donations to balance over a million travel miles with Energy Revolution in 2016 have now been invested with Bristol Energy Co-op (BEC), a community-owned energy cooperative, growing Greater Bristol’s local green energy supply and making the benefits available to all.

BEC develop renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, and help others to do the same. Audience donations are having a huge impact with BEC, helping to run a 4.2MW solar farm at Lawrence Weston as well as supporting their work installing solar panels on 6 community buildings and purchasing another solar farm in Somerset.

With Bristol home to many of our festival partners and audiences this donation is coming full circle, taking the negative of carbon emissions and turning it into clean energy, produced in our very own communities, that benefits everyone.

Find out more about BEC’s ground-breaking work in our Q&A with BEC Co-Director Andy O’Brien


The Converging World

Energy Revolution 1 copy

Funds donated in 2015, our first year of operations, were invested with charity partner The Converging World, a pioneering charity that invests in renewable energy in India and uses the returns to support social and environmental projects both in the UK and overseas.

Due to India’s ‘dirty’ national grid (Indian power stations emit twice the level of CO2 as the UK due to the fuel mix they use) our clean renewable energy has double the impact on emissions per kWhrs compared to the UK energy sector.

To date they have generated 45 million kWh of clean energy, avoided 41,000 tonnes of CO2 and provided support to a number of programmes both in the UK and India. Find out more about The Converging World at www.theconvergingworld.org.