Joss Stone is the first artist to balance tour emissions with Energy Revolution

Grammy-winner Joss Stone is the first artist to balance travel from an international tour with Energy Revolution. Setting a pioneering example to other touring artists who want to make a positive difference through music, Joss has so far balanced 2.7 million travel miles. Energy Revolution is delighted to be celebrating this momentous occasion as Joss Stone’s Total World Tour reaches the UK this October with dates in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London.

100% of the tour balancing donation is being invested in renewable energy and tree planting initiatives. Joss set off on her ‘Total World Tour’ in 2014 and finishes in 2019. Her aim is to play in every country in the world and to continue to calculate and balance the associated travel emissions with Energy Revolution.

The carbon-balancing donations will go towards wind power generation and reforestation in India’s Tamil Nadu. Investing in renewable energy in India has a far greater impact than UK-based investments as India’s power stations emit twice the carbon of UK power stations due to the fuel mix they use.

The project provides clean, truly green renewable energy and reduces the need for coal-fired power stations, as well as enabling more carbon to be sequestered by the replanted native forest. This also helps to regulate the water cycle, improve soil quality and reduce ground temperatures to benefit the local population. Therefore, Joss’s actions will leave a long lasting legacy of social and environmental benefits that will be felt by generations to come.

My ‘Total World Tour’ is a musical and social project that aims to bring people together and create joy through music. We are doing something positive with our music so it’s right that we must do something positive from our travel footprint, which is an unfortunate consequence of the tour and live music in general. I would love other artists and music audiences to balance their travel so we can improve the footprint of musicians and live music in general.’ Joss Stone, 2017

In this bold step, Joss has demonstrated that individuals can account for their actions and turn fossil-fuel travel miles into 100% clean renewable energy for a better tomorrow.

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