Greenbelt Festival

Greenbelt hosts its 46th festival of arts, faith and activism this year. No, we can’t quite believe it either. In a burning world, we’re still somewhere to believe in. And we’re bringing our own brand of hopeful revolution to Boughton House this August for a festival that’s inclusive, open-minded, participatory and generous in spirit.
Celebrating artistry and nurturing activism, Greenbelt Festival is bringing Wit and Wisdom to thrill, inspire and provoke across 24 stages, galleries, installations and outdoor performances.
We’ve spent the last few decades trying to tread more and more lightly in the amazing places that host our festival. We’ve halved our energy consumption at Boughton over the last two years, and now compost all our waste food. We’re proud to be entirely free of single-use plastic too.
Greenbelt is an idea, a way of seeing, a gathering of the clans – part movement, part moment. Its genius is that it defies easy description. You have to be there to know what we mean. And thousands will be, to see Russell Brand, Frank Turner, Extinction Rebellion, Lucy Spraggan, Fantastic Negrito, the Belarus Free Theatre, Wendy Cope and many, many more.