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Energy Revolution is a charity that was set up in 2015 to help the live events industry make a response to the critical challenge of climate change. We work with festivals, audiences, suppliers, and artists to first help them understand the impacts of their carbon emissions, reduce them where possible and do something positive to balance unavoidable missions by making an investment into projects that create clean renewable energy. As investments grow in the longer term the charity will also be able to have a grant-making fund for projects and research aimed at making the industry more sustainable.

So why should we tackle climate change as an industry? The scientific consensus is that climate change is very real and if humanity does not take action we are on a collision course towards destruction. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report looks at the impact of temperature rises on the planet and concludes that even a rise of 2 degrees will have significant negative consequences.

We feel that the festival industry, with its dynamism and reach, should make a proactive response to climate change. The industry being audience-facing, with good media exposure, and large and young audiences, has the potential to play a positive role in developing and communicating a visible response to climate change.

The festival industry is collectively responsible for 14 kilo tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. The main contributor of carbon emissions at festivals is audience travel, which accounts for up to 80% of a typical UK festival’s carbon footprint. For a festival of 10,000 people, this is a massive 120 tonnes of carbon dioxide!

Energy Revolution focuses on tackling the carbon emissions from travel so we can have the biggest possible impact. It works by giving festivalgoers, suppliers and artists the option to account for their carbon emissions from journeys to and from festivals by supporting a renewable energy project when they buy their tickets or vehicle parking passes. As a first priority we work with our members to find ways to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging festivalgoers to travel more sustainably and suppliers and artists to find efficient ways to travel.

We work with over 40 festivals and events in the UK as well as event suppliers and artists find out about them. Together we have balanced over 7.8 million fossil fuel travel miles with investment in projects that create clean renewable energy. 100 % of all the donations we receive go to the projects – find out about the renewable energy projects we support..


Energy Revolution collects donations from festivalgoers, artists and suppliers and invests them in sustainable energy projects.  This turns festival (or tour) fossil-fuel travel miles into clean, renewable energy to balance negative impacts with a positive investment into a low carbon, sustainably powered future.

ER Infographic-01Here’s that process in a bit more detail:

  • Festivalgoers account for carbon emissions from their travel by making a donation when buying festival tickets
  • Donations are held in trust by the festival ticket agency or festival and then transferred to Energy Revolution
  • Energy Revolution claims Gift Aid on the donations to help cover administration costs
  • Energy Revolution invests 100% of donations into renewable energy projects through their chosen partners e.g. The Converging World
  • Clean energy is generated from wind turbines and sold to end users (such as hospitals) through the Indian national grid.
  • Energy Revolution receives an annual return from their investments to help cover administration costs.
  • The investment avoids quantifiable amounts of C02, helping to account for millions of miles of travel-emissions
  • Energy Revolution works with more festivals to increase impacts and create more clean energy

Everyday charity operations will be funded by Gift Aid and returns on our investments so 100% of donations made go directly towards generating clean energy.


Yes! All it requires is adding the option to donate at the point of sale for your tickets in the same way as you would adding another ticket option.

Donations can be made as either:

  • A  donation added to each vehicle car parking pass
  • A fixed fee based on industry average journey length (£3) or an amount chosen by the festival.
  • A  personalised donation calculated from postcode to postcode. This requires using our travel carbon calculator which can be embedded into the ticket buying process.

You’ll receive details of how to set this up when you become a member.


It’s really quick and easy to sign up, and you can do so here. If at any point you would like to get in touch, please drop us an email at hello@energy-revolution.org.uk