Energy Revolution join Julie’s Bicycle and Believe Music at the Great Escape 2019

Energy Revolution is heading to The Great Escape 2019 to join the teams from Believe Music Group and Julie’s Bicycle who are hosting a discussion on how to empower artist and industry action on climate change within the music sector.

The session, runs from 4-5pm at Believe Social @ Dead Wax Social, 18A Bond Street Brighton BN1 1RD – it will focus on the recent work of artist Novo Amor, who in 2018 released his album Birthplace with a commitment to make the tour and album more environmentally responsible. 

Hear Dave Grinnell, senior marketing manager at AllPoints / Believe and Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle in conversation: They’ll talk about how the Believe team worked to bring environmental sustainability into the album campaign and manufacture, the impact that it’s had at Believe Music Group and what they’re doing to green their operations, and how Novo Amor worked with Julie’s Bicycle and Energy Revolution around his tour.

Register for the session here