DGTL Festival win AFG International Festival & Greener Transport Award

The debut International A Greener Festival (AGF) Awards recognised festivals from eight countries across three continents for their environmental practices at the conference earlier this month. Amongst the winners was DGTL Festival who won both the International Greener Festival Award, for their boundary-pushing work in reducing the event’s overall environmental impacts, and the Greener Transport Award for targeting reductions in audience, artist and production travel emissions.  

DGTL Amsterdam doesn’t only seek to reduce their environmental impact, but pushes boundaries to innovate, using the event as a test bed to find better ways that we can organise ourselves as individuals and as a society – Waste problem becomes resource solution. They have put sustainability at the forefront of their ambitions as an organisation. 

DGTL Amsterdam takes place across the water behind Amsterdam Central Station and has its own ferry service for three days. Being the culture of the Netherlands most people travel by bike – zero emissions transport!
Only 10% of the audience arrive by car and car occupancy is high. The event makes provision so that public transport and cycling are the cheapest and easiest options for people attending the event. Bikes are provided for production staff and electric “Stint” vehicles for production transport. Off site DGTL use Segways for litter collection and transport, being next to a dock means the festival can take advantage of river freight for deliveries. DGTL also measure and aim to reduce the artist travel impacts, beginning with ground transport efficiencies and lift sharing. 

Find out more about DGTL’s sustainability initiatives: HERE

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Photo Credit: Hanna Norlin