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Supporting Biomass Heating and Rooftop Solar PV

Balancing donations from festivals, audiences and suppliers in 2017 are now powering two more renewable energy projects: Ecossol; which helps  fund the installation of solar PV systems on the rooftops of homeowners wanting to go green; and Alternative Energy Developments, which provides  biomass heating systems for charity-owned outdoor adventure centres in Scotland.

Ecossol makes it affordable for homeowners in the northeast of England to install solar PV systems, which power their homes and contribute clean renewable energy to the grid. Ecossol monitors and maintains the solar systems and homeowners can use the electricity generated for free in return for the rights to the feed–in tariff payments. Homeowners can then buy their solar PV system outright as well as the rights to the tariff.

Alternative Energy Developments owns and installs biomass boilers that provide low carbon heating systems for venues, including charity-owned outdoor adventure centres in Scotland and a biomass-from-waste-wood venture in Rotherham.

A third of all travel balancing donations from festival audiences in 2017 are supporting these two projects. Both investments were made through Abundance, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can find out more about the risks of investing through Abundance on their website. 

The remaining two thirds of 2017 donations went to supporting the REACR community owned wind turbine in the forest of Dean.

Find out more about REACR. 

Energy Revolution invests 1/3 of 2017 donations in community-owned wind turbine

Powering the community with 2017 donations

Balancing donations from 2017 have been invested in a community owned wind turbine in the Forest of Dean. The project, Resilient Energy Alvington Court Renewables (REACR) supplies clean electricity to the local community, helping to cut fuel poverty and avoiding the carbon-intensive burning of fossil fuels. The project also offers a fund to support local projects that are working to build community resilience, especially around reducing fuel poverty through energy efficiency and energy education.

The 500KW wind turbine in Alvington creates 1,550 MWh per year, powering 350 local homes with clean electricity and saving 731 tonnes of CO2 each year. The turbine is owned by Resilient Energy Alvington Court Renewables (REACR), a Community Benefit Society committed to making a positive difference locally in addition to the environmental benefits directly associated with the generation of renewable energy. REACR invest surplus from the operations of the turbine in a community fund, which supports local projects: over the last few years they have supported local schools to buy equipment, helped repair the local church and provided resources for a community playing field.

REACR has received two thirds of the balancing donations made by festivals, audiences and suppliers in  2017, remaining donations are being invested in more UK based renewable energy projects which we’ll share with you soon.

Find out more about Alvington Court Wind Turbine and REACR. 

Rock City Stage Crew: Energy Revolution’s Star Supplier in 2017

Rock City Stage Crew were Energy Revolution’s star supplier member in 2017, balancing their fossil fuel travel miles to eight UK festivals through direct investment in clean renewable energy. In total they balanced 30,796 litres of fuel – the equivalent of 259,347 average car miles!

Rock City Stage Crew is an award winning family run business, established in 1990, that supplies personnel and training to the Live Events Industry throughout the UK.  In 2017, they balanced their fuel use from crew travel and from onsite vehicles used for We Are Fstvl, Download, Lovebox, Wilderness, Creamfields, Boomtown, Reading and BBC Hyde Park.

Rock City are committed to ensuring their operations are sustainable and to balancing their environmental impacts with investment in renewable energy. As well as working with Energy Revolution to balance travel emissions over the last two years, in 2015 they installed 30KW of solar panels on the roof of their HQ, which have generated 49,797.23 KW in two years. They are in the process of updating their fleet to low emission vehicles; to date they have replaced half of their buses with Ford Custom mini-buses with Ford EcoBlue 2.0 litre TDCi engines, which have low fuel consumption and low emissions.

Rock City aims to balance 100% of their CO2 emissions by investment or production in renewable energy by the end of 2020.

Find out more about them at

Festivals balance over 1.1 million travel miles in 2017

The results are in! This summer 20 festivals and their audiences and suppliers worked with Energy Revolution to balance their travel – in total balancing over 1.1 million miles of festival journeys!

To be precise they balanced 1,169,580 miles travelled in an average car (using DEFRA’s figures) – which is the equivalent of 361,092 kg CO2e.

Energy Revolution will invest 100% of these donations into clean renewable energy projects in the coming year. Helping to turn the problem of fossil fuel emissions into a solution for the future – clean renewable energy.

Thank you to everyone who balanced their journey in 2017 – whether through their ticket purchase or directly through our website. You can find a list of the festivals that we worked with HERE.

In 2018 we will be working with more festivals to balance travel miles working towards our goal of balancing 10 million festival travel miles through direct investment in projects that are creating clean renewable energy for the future.

Energy Revolution Launch Guide to Sustainable Travel for Festivals & Events

The Energy Revolution Guide to Sustainable Travel for Festival and Events was launched at the Festival Vision:2025 meeting, held at The Showman’s Show last month, for the 60 UK festivals who are working together towards more sustainable events with industry steering group Powerful Thinking. Energy Revolution presented a project update to the festivals involved, showing how festival travel miles can be balanced through investment into clean renewable energy, and co-hosted a roundtable discussion on sustainable travel at festivals.

With audience travel making up 80% of the average UK festival’s carbon footprint, tackling travel emissions is a key part of any festivals sustainability strategy. The new Sustainable Travel Guide, written by Chris Johnson (Shambala Festival, Powerful Thinking & Energy Revolution), explains the impacts of event-related travel and offers festivals and events practical solutions to start reducing the impacts of audience and supplier travel. The Guide adds to the wider resources that Energy Revolution offers to festivals and events to help them in calculating, reducing, and balancing CO2e emissions from audiences, suppliers and artists.

Download your copy of The Energy Revolution Sustainable Travel Guide now at

Joss Stone is the first artist to balance tour emissions with Energy Revolution

Grammy-winner Joss Stone is the first artist to balance travel from an international tour with Energy Revolution. Setting a pioneering example to other touring artists who want to make a positive difference through music, Joss has so far balanced 2.7 million travel miles. Energy Revolution is delighted to be celebrating this momentous occasion as Joss Stone’s Total World Tour reaches the UK this October with dates in Belfast, Glasgow, Cardiff and London.

100% of the tour balancing donation is being invested in renewable energy and tree planting initiatives. Joss set off on her ‘Total World Tour’ in 2014 and finishes in 2019. Her aim is to play in every country in the world and to continue to calculate and balance the associated travel emissions with Energy Revolution.

The carbon-balancing donations will go towards wind power generation and reforestation in India’s Tamil Nadu. Investing in renewable energy in India has a far greater impact than UK-based investments as India’s power stations emit twice the carbon of UK power stations due to the fuel mix they use.

The project provides clean, truly green renewable energy and reduces the need for coal-fired power stations, as well as enabling more carbon to be sequestered by the replanted native forest. This also helps to regulate the water cycle, improve soil quality and reduce ground temperatures to benefit the local population. Therefore, Joss’s actions will leave a long lasting legacy of social and environmental benefits that will be felt by generations to come.

My ‘Total World Tour’ is a musical and social project that aims to bring people together and create joy through music. We are doing something positive with our music so it’s right that we must do something positive from our travel footprint, which is an unfortunate consequence of the tour and live music in general. I would love other artists and music audiences to balance their travel so we can improve the footprint of musicians and live music in general.’ Joss Stone, 2017

In this bold step, Joss has demonstrated that individuals can account for their actions and turn fossil-fuel travel miles into 100% clean renewable energy for a better tomorrow.

You too can balance your travel with Energy Revolution, find out more:

Artists and agents

Festival and event organisers



How balancing donations are helping generate clean, renewable energy in India

How your 2016 donations are generating clean energy in Bristol

With Bristol a true festival city, it’s fitting that last year’s Energy Revolution audience donations have been invested with Bristol Energy Co-op. A huge thank you to all the festivals, suppliers and audiences who balanced over a million festival miles in 2016 by donating to Energy Revolution.

A year on and those donations are now generating clean energy with Bristol Energy Co-op (BEC). We sat down with BEC Co-Director, Andy O’Brien, to find out how the festival miles you balanced, are making a real difference to renewable energy production in the Bristol area.

Andy, how are BEC using Energy Revolution’s investment?

We’re using it to develop Greater Bristol’s local green energy supply and making the benefits available to all by funding solar panels on community roofs across Bristol and two solar farms – one in Somerset and the other in Lawrence Weston.

How much clean renewable energy does BEC produce annually?

Bristol Energy Cooperative’s annual electricity output is currently 9,105 MWh (Megawatt Hours). That’s enough to power 2,220 average homes. Of this 214 MWh are coming from our rooftop solar sites, 4,572 MWh are coming from our solar farm in Somerset, and 4,319 MWh from our solar farm in Lawrence Weston.

What happens to the electricity generated by BEC projects?

The energy from the solar farms goes to the grid, while the energy from the roofs is used to power the buildings with any surplus going on to the grid. The money saved on electricity bills is invested in the community as it is put to good use by the organisations involved.

For instance, Julian Weston, Finance Manager of Easton Community Centre said, ‘The solar panels plus other initiatives we have taken have reduced our energy costs by a factor of 50%. We think it’s a fantastic project because that saving, not only is it green and kind to the environment, it’s enabling us to use that money on other things around the centre.’

See the clean renewable energy being generated at Easton Community Centre and BEC’s other projects at the livegen website.

It’s hot and sunny in Bristol today but how reliable is solar when it’s not so sunny?

Harnessing power from solar PV is possible anywhere in the world. Although we don’t think of the UK as a particularly sunny place to live, the sun actually radiates enormous amounts of energy on the British Isles – as much as 60% of that of the equator. It may also be surprising to learn that cold bright weather helps solar panels operate more efficiently; the electricity can flow more freely through the cells thanks to a reduced resistance in its conductors.

Solar energy is already a record-breaker in 2017 – at times last May, solar power in the UK provided nearly a quarter of our electricity needs. Read more in this useful article from Bristol Energy Cooperative’s partners, Mongoose Energy.

What’s next for Bristol Energy Co-op?

BEC’s energy revolution continues. We’re planning to raise more money to invest in our solar roof projects and community solar farms through a Bond ISA with our partners Mongoose Energy.

In addition, we have now proven that we can generate community investment in order to contribute to our goal of reducing damaging carbon emissions. So as well as our work to clean up energy, we’re keen to investigate heating projects or community-funded transport.

You can keep up to date with our latest plans by signing up to Bristol Energy Coop’s newsletter.

Balance your travel with Energy Revolution before you start soaking up the sun’s rays at your favourite festival this summer . . . and then relax knowing those rays are also helping power the energy revolution.

Shambala 2016 Credit photographer CFaruolo

Celebrating charity status and three million miles balanced!

We are delighted to announce that Energy Revolution has been awarded charity status and has balanced three million festival miles to date, investing in 100% clean renewable energy through our partnerships with Converging World in India and the Bristol Energy Co-op here in the UK.

This has been achieved thanks to our festival partners encouraging audiences to balance their travel miles, and through the Supplier Member Scheme to help industry suppliers account for, and balance, their event-related travel.

Becoming a registered charity is an exciting next step for Energy Revolution as we seek to scale up the project and help lead the industry towards a low-carbon future. Festival goers choosing to balance millions of travel miles will now be able to Gift Aid their donations meaning an even brighter future for the project.

The ideas behind Energy Revolution were developed by a group of committed individuals striving to account for, and mitigate, festival-related carbon emissions, acknowledging the environmental impacts of their work and future-proofing the industry for a low-carbon economy.

Ben Robinson, Director of Kendal Calling and an Energy Revolution Trustee says ‘This is a momentous occasion for Energy Revolution and a chance to celebrate the 3 million travel miles balanced since its inception in 2015. But it’s the next 30 million miles that really matter. We want the festival industry to use its pioneering and caring spirit to help tackle climate change by balancing every festival travel mile, every year. Kendal Calling is proud to be part of Energy Revolution, and hopes that soon, all UK festivals will be joining us.’

Toby Short of Rock City Crew, one of the project’s pioneering Supplier Members, says ‘Rock City provide stage and site crew to some of the greenest festivals in the UK, but we don’t just want to keep up with their environmental initiatives, we want to help lead the way with them. That’s why, as well as having our own solar panels producing green energy, we choose to measure, account for and balance our company’s travel miles with Energy Revolution. We look forward to seeing more of the companies and clients we work with joining us to help fuel the energy revolution.

Mo Jones of TheTicketSellers says ‘We have enjoyed working closely with our partners to make it easy for audiences to balance their travel miles at the same time as buying their festival tickets. We want to thank the festivals who have committed to the Energy Revolution project with us. This feels like just the beginning of a special project to transform the public’s approach to their festival travel and we hope to bring it to many more of our partners in the coming year’.

Ours is an industry built on endurance, creativity and commitment to the cause – it’s this approach that’s going to be essential in the fight against climate change. It’s only through everyone coming together on this issue, that we’ll be able to keep the party going. If you’re not already part of Energy Revolution sign up today.

Balance your travel miles

Sign up as a Festival Organiser

Sign up as a Supplier Member

New! Our carbon-balancing service for event suppliers

This summer, we’re delighted to be launching the first carbon-balancing scheme specifically tailored to the needs of event suppliers. It’s easy to use, and we provide support for companies who wish to approach their operations more responsibly.

Using our Travel Carbon Calculator, companies can calculate their carbon emissions from journeys to and from events, and donate to Energy Revolution in order to ‘balance’ them. 100% of donations are invested in renewable energy projects; turning the carbon emissions from travel into a world-changing positive investment.

The pilot programme has been produced with support from some of the UK’s most progressive event industry companies, including Chai Wallahs, BES Systems, Rock City Crew, Charge & Store, Firefly and Greenbox Events.

On average, vehicle travel is responsible for more than two thirds of a festival’s carbon footprint. Participation from suppliers will help events and festivals significantly reduce their environmental impacts.

The Suppliers Initiative compliments our audience facing program, which raised more than £8,500 in its first year through point-of-sale travel balancing donations . The funds were invested in wind turbines in Tamil Nadu with charity The Converging World. The initiative has accounted for almost 1.7 million travel miles worth of carbon emissions to date.

Energy Revolution aims to balance 10 million miles of travel emissions in 2017, and is welcoming suppliers, event organisers, artists and artist management companies to join the movement for 2017. To find out more and join the scheme, go HERE.

Carbon calculator launches on TheTicketSellers


TheTicketSellers have just become the first festival industry ticket agent to integrate our travel carbon calculator! The calculator allows ticket-buyers to calculate their real carbon emissions when travelling to an event, and gives them the opportunity to donate to ‘balance’ their emissions. 100% of donations are invested in renewable energy projects, turning turns fossil-fuel travel miles into a world-changing positive investment.

The first festivals to sign up to TheTicketSellers new green service are Subsonic, Shindig, Moseley Jazz & Folk Festival, Lunar, Illusive and Nozstock.

They will join eleven pioneering festivals who joined and helped to found the project in 2015, including Bestival, Camp Bestival, Standon Calling, Boomtown, Kendal Calling, Secret Garden Party, Starry Skies, Shambala Festival and Love Saves The Day.

The calculator is fully integrated with TheTicketSellers website, so it’s really easy for an event to join the scheme. There is no cost; an event organiser simply has to tick a box to add it to their event page. The calculator has been created using Government industry carbon statistics for travel.

On average, 70% of an event’s carbon footprint comes from audience travel, so allowing the audience to donate to renewable energy projects is a very easy way to balance a negative impact with a positive action.

Seventeen UK festivals are now on board. Energy Revolution is welcoming more festivals to join the movement. To join Energy Revolution, sign up here or via your TicketSellers account.