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Energy Revolution is a charity pioneering a live events industry response to climate change, turning your tour’s travel emissions into renewable energy.

As with festivals, the majority of emissions from an artist’s tour can come from travel – be it the artist, band and production team travel, the audience travel, or both. Energy Revolution can help you have a significant impact on the overall carbon footprint of your tour by tackling the travel emissions associated with it.

Using our Travel Carbon Calculator you can work out the emissions from your tour travel – for individual artists, bands, production teams and even audiences, and the donation required to balance those emissions. Energy Revolution will then invest 100% of the donations in renewable energy projects; turning the negative of travel carbon emissions into a world-changing positive investment to keep the party going forever.

The music and live events industry can be a powerful movement for change, with individual actions spearheading the way for others to make changes. So whether you are an individual artist looking to balance the negative, and unavoidable impact, of tour travel emissions, or an artist agency looking to be a shining example of sustainability, sign up to Energy Revolution and inspire others to follow.


  • Whether you’re an artist, agent or promoter – anyone can be the one to sign up
  • When you sign up we’ll give you a Travel Carbon Calculator – it’s simple and easy to use. Start inputting your journeys and, using our industry-certified metrics, the tool will calculate your travel miles, emissions and the donation required to balance that travel
  • Use the calculator during or after your tour, or use it once a year or regularly throughout the year. Calculate your travel for a specific event, project or tour, for an individual artist, band or entire production company – whatever works for you.
  • Once you have arrived at your final calculation decide who is going to contribute to the final balancing donation (it may be something promoters, venues and artists want to all contribute to)
  • Make the balancing donation with Energy Revolution and we’ll invest 100% of your donation in clean renewable energy
  • As is often the case, collaboration and coming together produce the best results – so if you’re taking the step to balance your tour travel don’t be afraid to ask your audiences to do the same when it comes to their travel. If you are considering asking audiences to also balance their travel then get in touch as there are a number of ways you can do this


  • You will have the option to promote your membership publicly with a profile on the Energy Revolution website
  • We will provide all the admin support you need to take part
  • We will provide you with our Travel Carbon Calculator tools and support in using them
  • You will get a marketing toolkit to showcase your participation in the initiative to your audiences
  • We invest your donations in affiliated renewable energy projects, or for larger donors, a project of your choice, as long as it passes our due diligence.
  • We provide you with an annual certificate that shows the carbon emissions you have balanced.


For more information about how we work or to start balancing your travel, email