Climate change is a critical challenge we all share. Festivals and events are an integral part of our culture but sadly they can have a negative impact on our environment. In 2015, The Show Must Go On reportshowed that UK festivals are collectively responsible for about 15 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year – with audience travel aloneaccounting for up to 60-80% of that footprint. 

For a festival of 10,000 people, that’s a massive 120 tonnes of carbon dioxide. These are the figures that began Energy Revolution’s mission: it’s clear that to have the biggest impact on cutting event-related carbon emissions, we have to tackle travel. 

Our plan is simple: 

1/ Cut travel emissions wherever possible; by working with audiences, artists, crew and suppliers to avoid unnecessary emissions and find more sustainable ways to travel. 

2/ For unavoidable emissions we ask people to take the positive step of ‘balancing’ travel CO2e with investment in projects that create clean renewable energy. 


Energy Revolution’s mission began in 2015 and we achieved charitable status in 2017. Since then we have worked with over 40 of the UK’s best-loved events and their audiences, as well as event suppliers, crew and artists. We have a board of brilliant trustees, who have experience in many areas of the Live Events Industry and beyond. They share a passion for using their knowledge and influence to have a positive impact in creating more sustainable communities. Find out more about them here

Together Energy Revolution members have balanced over 8.4 million fossil fuel travel miles (that figure is calculated in average car miles and based on DEFRA figures & conversion rates) with investment in some truly inspiring projects: The Converging World, Bristol Energy Co-op, Solar for Schools and many more. Check out our projects pageto find out more about them. 

Supporting these clean energy projects and the transition to a low-carbon economy is a huge achievement; but, as a charity, our aim is more that just supporting the creation of renewable energy: Festivals and events have the potential to inspire and educate hundreds of thousands of people each year, to flag key issues to their audiences and to demonstrate how small changes and considered choices can have a big impact. 


Energy Revolution works with the live events industry by raising awareness about the impacts of the CO2e emissions created through travel; from artists’ tours to crew and supplier travel, and the audiences who attend events, venues and gigs. We work with our members and partners to record fossil fuel travel miles, reduce these where possible and ‘balance’ emissions with investment in sustainable energy projects. 


The 2018 landmark UN reportshows we now have only 11 years to address climate change. The climate challenge is one we all need to step up to meet – and quickly. 

Energy Revolution’s work sits within the voluntary carbon market; which, in the time-lag between governmental initiatives reaching science-based climate change targets allows for individuals, companies, and in our case the whole live events industry in the UK to recognise our contribution to carbon emissions and take a positive step to reduce and ‘balance’ them. 

We’re supporting the music and live events industry to look at the most polluting aspects of their work and account for them. We believe that if everyone stands together and takes this type of action, in conjunction with reducing emissions where possible, we’ve got a chance of combatting climate change.

Energy Revolution is here to help the music, events and festival industry play their part in the urgent fight against runaway climate change.


We share the view of WWF, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth that we should be aware of, reduce and account for the carbon emissions in that order. Reductions come first; following this we will do everything we can to build a sustainable future by helping to make events and, travellers to them, aware of their emissions and collecting donations to invest in renewable energy.

By replacing fossil fuel energy with renewable energy, we are not only avoiding or balancing the carbon emissions created by event-related travel, but also helping build an energy infrastructure that can move us away from fossil fuel dependence. And according to the latest IPCC Report, that’s a critical target for tackling climate change.


We give 100% of all carbon-balancing donations that we receive directly to projects that create clean renewable energy. Find out more about these projects here


If you run a festival or event you can sign up to become a member here. Event suppliers can join here and start recording your company travel miles to events, with the option to balance them at the end of the year. 

If you’re attending an event as crew, audience or artist you can use our travel carbon calculator to record and balance your travel here. 

If you’re an artist or agent who’d like to balance part of your performance-related travel, or to know more about any aspect of the initiative have a look at our Trees for Travel page or get in touch with us at hello@energy-revolution.org.uk