There’s a revolution going on and we need YOUR help to make it happen

Why do we need an energy revolution in festivals?

As festival-goers, we all love festivals and understand the freedom, fun and inspiration to be found at them. In the UK we have a world-renowned festival scene to be proud of, with its roots in social revolution. Right now though, we need a new kind of revolution – an energy revolution.

Climate change is a critical challenge we all share and festivals contribute their part towards this degradation of our environment. Our festivals are collectively responsible for about 15 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. As a community we need to find ways to reduce and account for these emissions.

We all want festivals to continue for generations – music and celebration are important parts of life. We also want the quality of life for our children and their children to be as good as it is for us now. So a solution must be found.

So what can we do?

The biggest contributor of carbon emissions at festivals is usually travel, which can make up 60-80% of a festival’s carbon footprint. For a festival of 10,000 people, that’s a massive 120 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

To have the biggest impact on carbon emissions, we have to tackle travel. And we have a plan!

Energy Revolution gives people the option to support a renewable energy project when they buy their tickets. This small investment will account for the carbon emissions from their journey to and from the festival.

How does Energy Revolution work?

Energy Revolution crowdsources donations at point-of-sale and uses them to invest in sustainable energy projects. It turns fossil-fuel travel miles into clean, renewable energy so we can keep the party going forever.

The way this works financially with our Energy Partners, The Converging World, and Bristol Energy Co-op, is outlined below.

ER Infographic-01

Why are we balancing emissions?

We share the view of WWF, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth that we should be aware of, reduce and account for the carbon emissions in that order. Reductions come first.

We believe if there is an unavoidable negative impact, we should recognise, measure and create a positive impact to balance it. We accept that once a carbon is in our atmosphere, there is nothing we can do to stop it from having an impact on our climate, however, we will do everything we can to build a sustainable future by helping to make festivals and travellers aware of their emissions and collecting donations to invest in renewable energy.

By replacing fossil fuel energy with renewable energy, we are not only avoiding or balancing the carbon emissions created by festival travel, but also helping build an energy infrastructure which can move us away from fossil fuel dependence. And according to the latest IPCC Report, that’s a critical target for tackling climate change,

Where are donations invested?

In the first year of operation, donations were invested with The Converging World, who operate wind turbines in the Tamil Nadu area of India. The reason for choosing India is that providing clean, renewable energy in India avoids double the emissions per kWhrs compared to the UK energy sector, due to India’s ‘dirty’ national grid (Indian power stations emit twice the level of CO2 as the UK due to the fuel mix they use). So by investing there, we can have double the impact on climate change as we would have working in the UK.

In the second year of operation, donations were invested with Bristol Energy Co-op, a community-owned energy cooperative, growing Greater Bristol’s local green energy supply and making the benefits available to all.

Find out more about our energy partners here.

By donating and joining the Energy Revolution you are helping to create a sustainable future for everyone!

What part can I play?

You can make a big difference by making a small donation to Energy Revolution when you buy your festival ticket. 100% of your donation will be put to work producing clean and renewable energy, replacing dirty fossil fuels with wind and solar power.

How will Energy Revolution make a real difference?

Energy Revolution is about people power – festival organisers and festivalgoers working together. Its going to take all of us to make a real change for a sustainable future.

As a community of hundreds of festival organisers and over two million festival-goers working together, we can achieve significantly more than working alone. We really can create a revolution. We can collectively fund a huge 1MW turbine in less than 5 years, accounting for millions of travel miles worth of carbon annually, as well as reducing our own impacts.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to know more about any aspect of the initiative please contact

Together as a festival community we can change history, create a people-powered revolution and leave a healthy planet for future generations.

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