Tandem Festival

Cycle-powered & volunteer-fuelled, Tandem Festival is a journey of discovery… You’ll be transported to different worlds through music, arts & performance. Tandem’s talks, workshops, film screenings & ethically sourced vegetarian & vegan food will bring new facets of yourself to life!

Tandem Festival celebrates international culture, fosters cooperation & inspires change. Come along to share in the Tandem community, a uniquely Tandemised 3-day journey on the border of the Cotswolds.

RECYCLING - 100% compostable and/or recyclable cups, plates, bowls and wrapping will be used by Festival Management for all food items. Contractors are required to do the same. -No glass bottles are allowed onsite. -Our Managers and team of Stewards will have all committed to ensuring that rubbish is efficiently and effectively disposed of. Tandem Festival works with the waste experts at More Bins to ensure that we recycle and compost wherever and whatever possible. -During the festival, Tandem Festival’s Upcycling Tent will show and encourage visitors to interact with the recycling and upcycling of objects that would otherwise have been deemed as waste. -All Tandem Festival merchandise will be made from reused fabric and clothing. -All flyers and posters are printed by Greenprint, Oxford, a company dedicated to the use of recycled paper and environmentally-friendly inks.   FOOD AND DRINKS -Tandem has always operated a vegetarian only food policy and will continue this into 2017. Much of the food is vegan. -Food contractors have been specifically chosen for their local and environmental ethos. -Working with the catering company Waste to Waste, a large proportion of food cooked in the Tandem Volunteer kitchen will be sourced from food that would have otherwise gone to waste. The rest will come from an organic wholesaler. Any food leftover at the end of the festival will be distributed to avoid any food waste. -100% of the drinks available at Tandem will be locally sourced. -We will distribute Green Action Plans to all traders so they know and agree to uphold our environmental guidelines. -Guidelines to consumers will be made available on our website to encourage attendees to support environmentally sustainable, local and ethical trade by buying from the festival instead of bringing supermarket food. WATER -Drinking water will be available for free throughout the site and at the bar to reduce waste from plastic bottles and to encourage people to refill their bottles. Sales of plastic bottles banned onsite to encourage people to Bring a Bottle! -A lot of water will be saved by using composting dry toilets and pee bales instead of flushing toilets. TRANSPORT -Bands and attendees are strongly encouraged to come by bike. Bike routes including maps will be available on the festival website and the festival has partnered up with Cycle.land - 10% off your festival ticket if you hire a bike to travel with from cycle.land. -Bicycle groups will be publicised in advance with reduced price tickets available to encourage bike ride leaders to get a group together. -Bike fixing workshops will be available at the festival. -A high premium has been put on car parking costs to discourage visitors from bringing cars. This premium can be reduced by bringing more people in one car, encouraging people to car share and cut fuel emissions. COLLABORATORS -We work with a number of Green Partners around Oxfordshire and beyond to promote sustainability through cross-promotion, workshops, talks and stalls. These include Community Action Groups, Friends of the Earth, Bicester Green, Orinoco, Low Carbon Oxford, Cultivate and many more. ENERGY USAGE -Because of the nature of the site, Tandem Festival will be dependent on mains electricity. However, the festival encourages low energy consumption and most music performances will be acoustic (un-amplified).