BoomTown Fair is a very different festival to the norm… growing from the roots of British and European subculture it is consistently buoyed by the strength and will of the community it creates. With 45,000 ‘citizens’ joining in on this other-worldly experience, festival attendees are fully immersed in elaborate and carefully crafted ‘film’ sets, where each venue or stage has a position in the overarching narrative of the story that continuously evolves in the world’s craziest city! With a soundtrack from reggae to psytrance, dub to folk, gypsy and jungle there is something for everyone and all ages to discover a completely new world!

BoomTown aims to reduce its environmental impact via a number of schemes including car share, dedicated buses, EcoBond and local supplier sourcing. Reducing traffic congestion and emissions is a top priority for BoomTown and they work with a variety of national partners to ensure this is reduced; promoting car sharing options, commissioning buses from over 14 cities nationwide to get people to and from the festival site and running local shuttle buses from Winchester train station direct to the festival site. They aim to use local suppliers where possible to ensure that shipping miles are reduced and the local area supported economically. The EcoBond scheme, set up in 2012 was the first at a UK festival; every attendee pays a £10 deposit for an EcoBond which when onsite they can swap a bag of rubbish at one of the dedicated depots to get their £10 bond back. This has seen a huge up take over the years with up to 80% of EcoBonds being exchanged onsite and makes a significant difference to the amount litter left behind.