Body&Soul was fired up by a dedicated group of creative people all sharing a mutual love of art, music, performance and a good old-fashioned party.
Starting off as an idea, shaped and coloured by festivals like Burning Man in the Nevada Desert, Body&Soul carves an alternative world for artists, musicians and like-minded people to get together, to share ideas and stories that result in a unique and indescribable magic – an atmosphere so often lost in generic festivals and productions.

The festival has sold-out over the last seven years and has seen much critical success. We were voted ’Best Small Festival 2011′, with the 2010 festival winning both ‘Best New Festival’ and ‘Social Responsibility Award’ at the Irish Festival Awards. In 2016 we were awarded with a ‘Greener Festivals Award’ for our commitment to improving as a sustainable festival.

Body&Soul Festival takes place at Ballinlough Castle, Clonmellon, Co. Westmeath on the Summer Solstice Weekend, 2017. Just one hour from Dublin, the festival is set across the stunning backdrop of Ballinlough Castle and its 300 acre estate including a private lake, surrounding woodlands and 15th Century walled gardens.

Body&Soul is committed to leaving a positive impression on the Irish Arts and Festival scene and to working towards creating a more environmentally sustainable festival. We recognise and embrace our responsibility in this process and we are always looking for innovative and realistic sustainable responses to ever-changing environmental challenges. Over the past five years, the team at Body&Soul have been working hard to minimise the environmental and social impact of the festival. This year we have launched a new sustainability strategy, which builds on the work we have already done and focuses on what we need to achieve in the next few years such to actively reduce the carbon footprint of the festival. We know the Body&Soul audience are engaged on environmental and social issues and we trust them to be conscious and caring citizens of the earth. We also believe that Body&Soul is not just a festival, but a platform for social and environmental change. Our sustainability strategy aims to engage everyone at the festival and bring them with us on our journey. When it comes to sustainability, Body&Soul is dedicated to being a leading light in the Irish festival scene. Our focus is on giving something back to the earth, be it through our sustainable stage structures, offsetting our carbon footprint by replanting native trees, recycling art installations, showcasing inspiring workshops on better living or incentivising greener travel. Most importantly, we are dedicated to encouraging our festival audience to be responsible Body&Soulers by making better choices, actively recycling on site and taking everything with them when they leave, including their tents! Our Green Initiatives for 2017: Expanding our Us&You campsite, a pre-registration only campsite dedicated to those with a greener conscience. Campers here commit to recycling their waste and taking all of their camping gear home. Camping at Us&You is an opportunity to shine as a responsible festival citizen and engage in a zero waste policy. Introducing a cup deposit refund scheme with help from Friends of the Earth, a €0.20 deposit will be added to plastic glasses sold at all the bars and will be fully refundable if returned to the deposit banks located in the arenas. A minimum of ten cups, nets you a €2 rebate – enough to make a dent in that next pint or to put towards a Body&Soul water bottle. All of our traders will be using fully compostable food packaging and containers and we are moving towards a fully Fair Trade sourcing policy. We’ve introduced a carpooling scheme, run by GoCarShare, that helps match those looking to hitch a ride with people that have extra spaces in their cars. A tree-planting scheme which we have been running since 2015 where we plant over 100 native trees on the lands of Ballinlough to help offset our carbon. We will continue to work with Thorntons Recycling to ensure that all of our festival waste is correctly and efficiently sorted, minimising our landfill waste.